Painting by the Bua River in Malawi.

About me and my art

The question that people ask me the most often is why I use colours in my paintings that aren’t there in reality.
Colours create mood, which is one fundamental element of painting. It’s exciting to see various colours merging together creating mixes and marks that would be challenging to achieve otherwise. These initial washes give my paintings direction.

I never really know what the exact outcome of the final painting will be. Sometimes the result is very real, other times rather abstract, yet distinctive. My subject matter varies from landscapes and townscapes painted on location to figures and portraits painted from life. I also use initial sketches and reference photos to complete paintings in my studio.

My foundation of art comes from copying the works of the great masters of the past and present as well as decades spent drawing. I have a spontaneous technique as I had to adapt to conditions that aren’t always ideal when painting on location. I use bright colours and various textures to give my paintings a somewhat theatrical quality.

I was born in 1974 in Hungary. I studied Illustration in the late 90s in London and I taught drawing and painting at workshops for a couple of years.  I now organise workshops and painting holidays in Central and Southern Europe.  My current portfolio is the result of the past 3 years painting while travelling to some of the most inspiring  places, including Malawi and Zambia.

Watercolour painting is my passion which I’d like to share with you all on the following pages. Enjoy!